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Day 1


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  • Located in a quiet part of the Ljubljana city centre
  • 194 spacious rooms in the executive part, 133 comfortable rooms in the business part,
  • 12 suites, 16 apartments

Indoor swimming pool, fitness centre, sauna, massage


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Day 2


Winter is a wonderful time of the year where you can enjoy on snow and try new things. Participants will be divided in groups with different tasks – all groups will do all the tasks. This is a unique team-building experience where you will learn how to drive a sled, pulled by huskies, rescue people from beneath the avalanche, survive in wild winter nature and build and igloo. On their way participants will have to overcome different obstacles, use snowshoes and other technical equipment. Participants will have to work fast and collaborate with each other. The event takes place in the great outdoors; the highlight is husky adventure where each participant will drive alone a sled pulled by 3-4 huskies.   Program VIP


The lake was formed after the recession of the Bohinj glacier. It is up to 2120 m long and up to 1380 m wide, its maximum depth being 30.6 m and tectonic in origin. According to written sources, the oldest castle in Slovenia, first mentioned in a 1011 donation deed as castellum Veldes. Perched atop a steep cliff rising 130 metres above the glacial Lake Bled is a symbol of Bled and Slovenia – Bled Castle. The image of the castle forming a dramatic backdrop to the romantic island and the church on it has earned the resort worldwide recognition through the centuries. Castle terraces offer spectacular views of the lake and the island, down the Dežela area with Lesce and Radovljica and over to the mountain ranges of the Karavanke and the Julian Alps.   Program VIP


Newly opened in April 2009 after extensive renovations, this 4-star hotel, first opened in 1906, is only 200 metres from Lake Bled and in the immediate vicinity of the train station. Hotel Triglav Bled is located above Bled’s rowing centre. The centre of Bled is 1.5 km away. It can be easily reached on foot by walking on the lakeside trail. Free transfers to the centre are also offered. All rooms and suites are comfortably equipped with many amenities, including air conditioning, and offer beautiful lake views. The hotel features the à la carte restaurant 1906 Bled with Slovene Nouvelle cuisine and one of Slovenia's top chefs, a piano bar, a wine cellar and a fireplace lounge. The Triglav Bled also has a modern spa centre and can organise meetings for up to 70 people, weddings, anniversaries, business lunches and Slovenian culinary workshops. Fantastic dinner in hotel that offers 5* restaurant.   Program VIP
Day 3


Cross-country skiing and ski walking are aerobic activities, which are considered one of the healthiest sports activities. When performing them all the major muscle groups are included. Cross-country skiing and ski walking are suitable for all age groups. Some prior knowledge of cross-country skiing or ski walking is recommended. It is also possible to learn cross-country skiing and ski walking with our qualified instructors. Biathlon is one of the most interesting winter sports, which includes freestyle cross-country skiing and shooting. Our Centre offers the possibility of shooting in combination with cross-country skiing, mountain cycling or independently. A low calibre biathlon rifle is used. No prior knowledge is required, as qualified trainers will teach you how to handle the weapon and shoot properly. For groups of over 15 persons a real biathlon competition can be organised at your request (in the winter on skis and in the summer on mountain bicycles or rollerblades). Hikes across Pokljuka are possible in the winter and summer. In the summer you will be guided to the nearby Alpine meadows (Uskovnica, Zajamniki, Javorniška planina, Kranjska dolina, Klek, Konjščica, …); at your request you can also be taken to the Pokljuka bogs or to various energy spots, of which there are quite a few on Pokljuka. On the path you will be able to admire the untamed nature and breathe in the fresh mountain air. Closest to Rudno polje, along the path towards Uskovnica, lie energy rocks that are only a 15-minute walk away from Sports Centre Triglav Pokljuka. The hikes last from one to several hours, are of different difficulty and terrain configuration, and are adapted to the physical fitness of the guests.   Program VIP
Day 4



Of all of Slovenia´s winegrowing regions, the Goriška Brda have the highest per-hectare yield of medals and recognitions at wine fairs and expos both at home and overseas.

This land of low-lying, gently flowing hills in western Slovenia where the soil is primarily flysch. A Mediterranean climate with moderate summers and sufficient precipitation all make the Brda region ideal for the production of dry wine. The vicinity of Alpine peaks provides just the right amounts of cool air for higher levels of acids and aromatic substances to develop in the grapes compared to other Mediterranean regions.

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The Kempinski Palace Portorož offers fabulous views of the Adriatic Sea and Istrian countryside. This is the world of the Venetian Republic and of the Viennese Hapsburg - this is your world. When you just want to get away from it all, the rooms at the Kempinski Palace Portorož offer a welcome escape – you can switch off because you know that we’re switched on.

The secret of the good life is not something that you want to reveal to anybody but your closest friends. Unlock the door to a suite at the Kempinski Palace Portorož and you can add to your store of secrets. The view is not there to take your breath away – it is there to revive you; there is nothing unbelievable about the finest materials our designers have searched for high and low – all you need to do is feel them.

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Casino Portorož has a longstanding tradition in casino gaming and is one of the leading casinos in Slovenia . Our aim is to keep up the classical gaming tradition, whilst stimulating the development of modern games and entertainment programmes.


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Day 4 - Alternative


The Postojna Cave is a 20-km long karst cave system, a web of underground passages, galleries and chambers, which has in almost 200 years been visited by over 33 million people accompanied by experienced cave guides. It is both the largest cave of the Classical Karst and the show cave with the largest numbers of visitors in Europe.

Throughout its history it has posed a great challenge for daring explorers who have shown enormous effort and persistence and managed to penetrate further and further into the underground world.

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Zemono Manor House was built in the 17th century on a hill north west of Vipava by the Lanthieri counts. The manor, which was used as their hunting residence, is the only example of polydonic secular architecture in Slovenia. Nowadays several cultural events take place here. The restaurant "Pri Lojzetu" resides in Zemono Manor House.


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Day 5


A mighty medieval fortress, a symbol of the Slovenian capital Ljubljana is an interesting tourist point, the idyllic grounds for long strolls just a glance away from the lively city centre.



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